Dream Destination Wedding at La Badia di Orvieto in Italy

Hannah and Francesco, from many outstanding venues in the world, entrusted La Badia di Orvieto – romanesque medieval abbey for their wedding day. This Medieval Abbey, located in Umbria region of Italy, is known for its stunning cliff-top setting and has become a protected historical site. Because the interior of the abbey is adorned with various artworks, including frescoes and sculptures, the wedding guests from all over the world experience Italian art in a more intimate and direct way.

Therefore there is one particular spot that commands all the attention. It is on outdoor dining area under a gothic archway between two walls which you will be able to see in few photos below. The ambiance makes the bride and the groom feel very blessed especially since they are surrounded by their closest and dearest family and friends. And even if Italian summers are hot, the experience in La Badia di Orvieto could be compared to a serene oasis, offering a tranquil escape from the typical summer heat, due to old, cooling high walls and multiple cypress trees, olive trees and potted palm trees.

I sincerely invite you to see this photo gallery of Hannah’s and Francesco’s wedding day in such medieval Italian location.

Congratulations to Hannah and Francesco for their splendid La Badia di Orvieto wedding celebration in medieval abbey in Italy.

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