Best wedding photos of 2019 by Magic Wedding Photographer

OMG! 2019! What a year it was… It’s pretty crazy when you realize how awesome is a wedding photographer job. Being a part of the one of the most important and happiest day of my couples life. And being able to travel to capture their love in a different parts of the world it’s even crazier. So yeah, huge thanks to all my couples, who trusted me in 2019 and who made my job possible! Without you there would be noting to show here!

So this collection is just a tiny part of my favourites moments of the past year. It was mission impossible to actually fit all of my favourites from the year (after first selection I ended up with almost 500 images), so this is just a glimpse. From February till the end of October, from Iceland to New York… Enjoy this set and I can’t wait to meet with all my future couples in 2020! Bring it on!

On the geek note – 99% of this was shot with Sony A7RIII cameras, huge thanks to Sony for supporting me, couldn’t be more proud to be Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador, and big thanks to other companies who continue to support me – Profoto, Pic-Time, Pixellu, Synology, Eizo, Wooden Banana and Narrative (which I used to create this blog). For more specific info what do I use -> head over here.

Also huge thanks to all the folks who 2nd shot for me this year – Tomasz Tolloczko and Jakub Popiel in Warsaw, Aaron Daly in Ireland, Walter van Dusen in Cape Cod and Nafisa Skeie in New York and also big shout out to two guys who I 2nd shot for this year – Tomasz Wagner in Morrocco and Ryan Browne in New York.