Best Wedding Photography of 2023 and 2022 by Magic Wedding Photographer

World of Magic Weddings – My Best of 2022-2023

When wrapping up my 2023 season I realised I have not done the best wedding photography of the year collection since pandemic. That’s why I’m back with double power. This is curated collection of some of my favourite moments from the last 2 years. This is more than just a showcase of wedding photography portraits; it’s a testament to love’s boundless beauty across the globe which I was honoured to capture for my clients. From the cold, north Sweden to the timeless elegance of Italian villas, each photograph is a portal to a cherished moment in a unique corner of the world. Looking back at these photos makes me want to relive those moments again with my amazing couples. It’s all about those first looks, getting ready’s, group shots, funny moments, dances and epic portraits. Across the collection there’s also bunch of photos I was able to capture during my personal journeys, because that’s big part of what I do.

Join me on this enchanting journey – and if you want me to capture your wedding day, make sure to reach out!

Destination Wedding Locations in Europe

As you can see I have captured multiple different places, most of them being great destination wedding locations. If you are planning destination wedding in Europe there’s plenty of options – some are great for big, elegant weddings, some are going to be better for intimate setting or elopement – it does depend on your need and preferences.

Here’s list of my favourite places I have photographed in past 2 years, places you have seen in the images above: Italy (check for more information below), Scotland – Edinburgh Wedding in a beautiful St. Mary’s Cathedral in the city center, Ireland – very boutique glamping known for alternative weddings called Mount Druid, Vienna, Austria, Bavarian Wedding in Lake Schliersee, Germany or some exotic islands like Madeira (and Puerto Rico, but that’s not Europe – check below). There are also scenic areas of Northern Sweden – Lapland – in a beautiful Lapland View Lodge and some weddings in Poland – including Zakopane and Goetz Palace.

Destination Weddings in Italy

Italy is probably a go-to places if you’re thinking sunny weather, beautiful and old villas, amazing food. You cannot go wrong choosing Italy as your destination for wedding. Locations you see in these photos, that are very popular for weddings and have great choice of wedding venues are: Lake Como, Tuscany, Rome and Lazio and Umbria (the venue with that awesome building without roof is called La Badia Orvieto).

Exotic Islands for Destination Weddings

In this set of photos you can definitely spot some jaw dropping sceneries with beautiful landscapes like cliffs, mountains and amazing nature elements. Two exotic islands you can find in these photos are Madeira, Portugal and Puerto Rico. Both very different, and I think both offering something completely different for destination weddings.

Madeira is a very raw island – an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. It does offer pretty much the same weather all year long – the weather that I would personally call in photo terms “moody”. No matter what time of the year you decided to go there, you’re gonna experience a lot of rain, clouds and fog. Which is going it to be great for more intimate setting like elopement and you can spend all day wandering around the best spots the island has to offer.

Puerto Rico on the other hand can offer completely different infrastructure, suited better for more elegant, bigger weddings and even luxurious like the one you see in the photos hosted at Ritz-Carlton Dorado Beach hotel.