Who is Magic Wedding Photographer?

Hello Earthlings, it’s me – Magic.

I’m Destination Wedding Photographer.

Magic – not just a name, but a way of life. I am an Alien Magician secretly living among you, I have a mission: to capture the essence of human LOVE. With my camera as my wand, I weave spells around your special moments, bottling up emotions like rare potions and combine them into galleries. Luckily human beings pay for that.

And dragons? Oh, they’re my spirit animals! They remind me to breathe fire into my art and infuse your wedding photos with a spectrum of enchanting colours. So, if you’re ready for a galactic adventure filled with laughter, love, and a touch of extraterrestrial magic, BEAM ME UP! Let’s create wedding photos that are not just pictures, but portals to your most cherished memories.

I also have human Wife and 4 little human beings, so my home life is pure chaos. You can follow my personal adventures on my non-wedding IG account:

I also do YouTube things for other photo enthusiasts…

Ah, YouTube, the digital galaxy where I, Magic, launched my starship channel in 2021. It’s not just any channel; it’s a weekly carnival of cameras, lenses, and the wizardry of wedding photography. Imagine a cosmic library with over 30k star navigators (yes, that’s my subscribers!) joining me in unraveling the mysteries of capturing love through a lens. Each video is a potion, brewed with tips, tricks, and tales from the wedding photography universe.

We don’t just talk about gear; we embark on epic quests, exploring how each camera and lens can capture not just images, but emotions, stories, and the occasional interstellar phenomenon. So, strap in and join this weekly adventure. Who knows? You might just find the magic to make your own love story a legend!


Sony Europe Ambassador since 2016…

Beam me up, Sony! In 2016, the stars aligned and Sony, yes, the intergalactic titan of technology, entrusted me with a mission: to be their Imaging Ambassador in Europe. It’s like being chosen by the Jedi Council, but for cameras and lenses! As an ambassador, I don’t just flaunt their gear; I put it through the paces of my magical, sometimes alien world. I host workshops where I teach Earthlings and extraterrestrials alike the art of capturing love in a frame. My articles? They’re not mere words; they’re scrolls of wisdom, filled with spells and potions to master the craft. Testing gear? More like embarking on quests with Sony’s latest tech as my trusty sidekick. This alliance isn’t just about brand power; it’s a fusion of Sony’s technological wizardry and my magical touch to create something out of this world!